West Marches in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

  • Player(s) wanted
  • Beginner Friendly


A Star Wars OSR Campaign Timezone: EU Hi there, I run a Star Wars Old-School Revival-style West Marches game and I'm looking for players! We use a highly homebrewed version of the Black Hack. Everything about the setting, previous sessions, characters, setting etc. etc. can be found in our extensive wiki. OSR means that

  • There are few hard 'rules' - no 150+ page player handbook
  • Character sheets are relatively simple; it's more about the cool stuff you think off as a player, rather than a preset 'menu' on your character sheet.
  • Combat is hard, at least, if you wade in thinking you are the Chosen One. If you're clever, tricky and tactical, it rewards you way more than, say, D&D 5e.So, feel free to check out the wiki, or drop by our Discord!


  • Asynchronous
  • UTC+2
  • Video and Voice
  • Playing English
  • Combat heavy
  • Homebrew
  • RP

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