West Marches D&D 5e

  • Player(s) wanted
  • Beginner Friendly


  • We play every week at 1pm CST on Thursdays. via Roll20 & Discord. We are currently going through the process of transitioning from Roll20 to FoundryVTT.
  • Beginner and LGBT+ friendly.
  • West Marches is style of sandbox that is designed to support a large dynamic player group by planning one-shots ahead of time out of a large pool of players. The ideal party size is 4-5 players so our adventures will be organized around that limit. This means that our games will be first come first serve and no two parties will be exactly the same. Some sessions may be combat heavy, other sessions may have very little/no combat, it is entirely up to what the party has set for their objective for the day. More information about the West Marches format can be found here. Please feel free to message me with any questions you have. 🙂


  • Weekly
  • UTC-6
  • Voice Only
  • Playing English
  • Combat heavy
  • Homebrew
  • RP

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