The Shadow of Ascya (Worlds of Myth v6)

  • Player(s) wanted
  • Beginner Friendly


Worlds of Myth is a system inspired by a mixture of mythology and anime tropes with an open, classless, point-buy system to set no limits on character creation or combat beyond the imagination of the player and the number of experience points available to be spent. Worlds of Myth is a flexible system that allows for many possible characters with a vast selection of races, weapons, techniques, and diverse spell schools, as well as the unique addition of growths and genes to push ideas into further creative territories. Your character is yours to craft and grow through your journey, aiming to become an epic hero like those before them. Ascya has been your home for many years, having a diverse population and a few notable places that you know well as you've grown up around them or hearing stories and rumors about these places. However, your homeland is now in danger as shadows enclose around the land, blocking out the sky and suffocating most of the daylight away, leaving only a murky dim glow where the sun normally shines. Furthermore, the political centers of Ascya have all become heavily corrupted as the shadow quickly overwhelmed them and the surrounding towns and villages save for two places of respite from the darkness: Evermore, a floating city protected and maintained by the best of technomancy and holymancy magics to keep the influence of the shadow at bay from what little of the population is left; and Volaris, the industrial city beneath Evermore responsible for constructing and maintaining the technologies that keep the floating city above the land and is protected by the same magics that the floating city is using against the shadow. You are among the ones that barely managed to escape the clutches of the shadow that clawed at your heels as you charge beyond the protective magical barriers of Volaris into safety, passing out shortly after. While you didn't die from the exposure or obviously change, as many before have unfortunately, you managed to survive your exposure to the shadow relatively unharmed. As you awake after recovering from your stressful ordeal, you find yourself in a shambled infirmary surrounded by strangers, feeling an odd connection to them all before the sudden commotion of destruction and terror rips through the air from just beyond the thin walls of your sanctuary. You feel something within you lurch as you hear screams that quickly turn to snarls and see the light outside slowly begin to dim. The shadow is coming. Ready up!There will be a session 0 held for all players accepted to aid in creating characters at 1st, go over the world map and general background and lore of the world and game system, and establish important points pertaining to the map and the lore of the world in regards to the backgrounds of characters.


  • Asynchronous
  • UTC-5
  • Voice Only
  • Playing English
  • Adult content (18+)
  • RP

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