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"I am Sir. Irchard of Alstey and I have come for tea. A god would be a good company as any other, woudn't you agree?" -Argument of Mortality, Act 1: Mind of a Mortal by Bartholomew Lorewise.


I am running a discord server for people who wish to play sporadically, in small disconnected plots, but in a consistent world where your character continues to grow and evolve as the world around it changes from session to session.


This is a heavily homebrewed world and a world-building first and foremost. Several people have worked on the settings for the past 3 years. Within this world you'll find influences of anything from Tolkien to Star Wars, as well as our own lives and experiences.


What you can expect:


Fun, lighthearted one-shots in a persistent world.

Beginner friendly environment. Play-by-Post, either personal or with a group.

Virtual Table Top when needed. Adventure and loot.


Keep in mind:


This is oriented more toward adults who wish to experience the game but don't have time to dedicated for an campaign.

Younger folks are not shunned by any means, but keep in mind the majority of the server is in their 30's or beyond. You'll have to be above 18 either way.

No Erotic Role Play.

Subjects may include slavery, rape (but never a player), fictional racism and more. This is mostly executed in a tactful way, but be warned.


If you sign up to an event, you show up for the event.Join us, and leave your mark forever in our world.


  • Once Per Month
  • UTC+2
  • Video and Voice
  • Playing English
  • Adult content (18+)
  • Homebrew
  • RP

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