Have bizarre and pulpy adventures in a magical post-apocalypse earth with Barbarians of the Ruined Earth!

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We are a group of 5 people (4 players 1 GM), most of us have been playing with each other for about a year and a half. We like to experiment with different rules and settings, and since one of our members will be available less often we're looking for a fifth player for a fresh campaign. 

The game we will be playing is Barbarians of the Ruined Earth, a post-apocalypse science fantasy game. The setting is heavily influenced by Mad Max Fury Road and the fantastic and weird 80's cartoon 'Thundarr the Barbarian'. The rules and setting have a Hanna Barbera, Saturday Morning cartoon vibe. The rule set is based on the Black Hack, which is based on B/X DnD. You can find a review by one of my favorite youtubers and rpg designers here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wne84YQgnk&t=7s

The rules are very easy to learn, even if you’re completely new to RPGs I will be able to teach you how to play during our first session. If you have further questions about the system please leave a comment. I will expect you to get a copy of the book (the pdf is $15.00, that’s the only expense you’ll have for this game).

My players are all really awesome and creative people. They're all dedicated fans of RPGs, reliable, come from different walks of life all across the world, and are just good people in general. 

I have the privilege of being the GM for this awesome group of people. I have 8 years of experience of running weekly games, I've run many different systems for many different people. I'm very interested in RPGs and it's probably the hobby I spend the most time on, I love reading rpg books and blogs for ideas in my spare time. My goal is to make the 180 minutes we play every week as fun as possible by empowering players to drive the story and do awesome things. I also appreciate people who read my entire post, if you choose to message me include the secret phrase Sorcerer to get extra brownie points. To give you an idea of my style, highlights from the last campaign include: 

- Fighting electric dolphins in a fantasy version of the Danger Room

  • Escaping the 4 Dimensional temple of the Arch Angle
  • Founding an adventurer's school for young adventurers, fashion designers, and accountants
  • Breaking into and then out of a giant flying whale above an underground lake of acid. 
  • Freeing a cursed and sullen Mushroomancer from a society of cheerful smurf-like creatures. 
  • Hosting a school festival where every player had the opportunity to GM their own mini session
  • Trying to keep a cat out of trouble.

Expect the next campaign to be even more bizarre than the last.

If you want to join our game, here is what we expect from you:

  • Be on time every week, let us know if you need to miss. The main reason we're looking for a new player is because one of our current members won't be able to make it very often anymore, if you miss every other week or are always late it defeats the purpose of adding a new member.
  • Be a team player. Don't just let other players speak, but encourage them to share more about their characters and set them up for cool moments. Try to make the most entertaining decisions for the group, not just the smartest ones. I think entertaining the group is not just the GM's responsibility, but the player's as well. 
  • No Bummers. The games I run are R-rated for language and violence, but I try to keep any material that would make people uncomfortable to roleplay out of the game. That includes sexual content and flirting, real-world racism, and sexism/transphobia in any form. We’ll be using discord for our chat and voice, we’ll be meeting this Sunday (3/7/2021 13:00 EST) for a session zero to discuss what VTT we’ll use, go over the rules, talk about any changes to the rules, and roll up characters.    If you’re interested in the game, send me a message on discord to vaporwave#6742. Thanks!


  • Weekly
  • UTC-5
  • Video and Voice
  • Playing English
  • Combat heavy
  • Homebrew
  • RP

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