5e d20 modern futuristic game

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Futuristic campaign References/ inspiration

  • Batman Beyond
  • The 5th element
  • Minority report
  • Paranoia (tabletop RPG)
  • Call of Cthulhu/ cthulhutech
  • Judge Dread
  • Robocop
  • cyberpunk 2020 (tabletop RPG)
  • A certain scientific accelerator (anime)

The area once known as, Japan on earth. The far flung future. On the surface, things can't be better. There is a centralized government that gives people what they need. Peace. Food. Shelter. Crime is at an all time low. People are generally happy. Technology has solved many of the problems. People live longer, and get sick less often. Those sicknesses they get are generally easily treated. The air and water are clean. Intra city transport is amazing. There are bullet trains and flying cars. Drones carry packages from place to place. There are permanent gates between cities. But underneath things aren't so good. One megacorporation runs all essential services, including the police. The system is very corrupt. Bribery is rampant. "Justice" is only for those who can pay. They monitor everything... or at least try to. Get on their wrong side and there'll be hell to pay. The corporation has bounty hunters who are judge, jury, and, sometimes, executioner. Those they catch alive either become slaves or are given over to their scientists to be experimented on. Some survive and get extraordinary powers, while retaining their human appearance. Others are not so lucky and become monsters. These are swept under the rug and the general public at large knows nothing of them. The government also has agents who deal with extra planar entities and aliens that they use to keep their powers. These, of course, are officially illegal. Those who live outside the law do what they must to survive, whether it's tattooing their bodies to give themselves powers, resequencing their DNA with an animal's, replacing body parts with machine parts, or grafting animal parts wholesale onto their body. Drug use is rampant, and nigh impossible to escape. Some even make deals with aliens or extra-planar entities to grant them powers. Generations of doing these types of things has born with unusual powers. Generally speaking, those who are born with such powers have to hide them, lest they draw unwanted attention to themselves. Reach out to me via email: [email protected] discord Jear77#6923 Jaymes77 telegram  


  • Every Other Week
  • UTC-6
  • Voice Only
  • Playing English
  • Homebrew
  • RP

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